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Heuerman Bros Trucking LLC has built a solid reputation for efficiency and reliability, along with excellent customer service. We’ve picked up a lot of experience in more than 65 years, and in addition to our quality trucking and commercial snow plowing, we also offer other services, including lime spreading and chip spreading, designed to help make your life easier.

Lime spreading for agriculture and

hunting grounds

If you’re an avid hunter, lime spreading can help ensure food plots on your hunting grounds stay healthy and attractive to game all year long. We also offer lime spreading to help keep pH levels in the soil perfect for corn, soybeans, apples, and more. You can stockpile and spread in your field, or spread off our yard – it’s your choice, Heuerman Bros Trucking LLC!

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Road oiling helps extend the life of rural roadways. Heuerman Bros Trucking LLC offers comprehensive and reliable chip spreading to cover the oil and protect the pavement surface.

We have dump trailers, flats, vans, and lowboys available, and can haul almost anything throughout the Midwest region.



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You can rely on our family-owned and operated company for dependable services that are designed to meet your unique residential, commercial, and industrial needs – at competitive prices.